About Groceries

MiliGroceries is set up to relieve you of the stress of going to the market in the burning sun and dust, and in the wetting rain and its accompanying muddy splashes, as well as after the tiredness of work


That’s not all! Asides buying your food stuff, we deliver them fresh, clean and ready for cooking, if you ask us to.

We have our shop at number 10, Bola Adewunmi Street, Obanikoro, Ikorodu Road, Lagos, where you can pick up your food stuff right away or contact us to deliver to you.

So, take that load off your feet and please SEND ME for those cooking ingredients you just have to get. It’s our pleasure to serve you.

Important Notification:

For optimal service, please make your order a day or more ahead of need.

Delivering to your doorstep occurs with purchases from N2000.

We make delivery at your door step [not indoors], so kindly make your receptacle available at the door.

Also note that delivery and service charges apply.

Visit shop now to click your groceries. Or click order groceries to make a concise list of groceries and services you need and mail to us.

Payments are cashless.

Our Slogan is – Please, Send Me.

Our Motto is – God first.

Phone/whatsapp – 09082462770

MiliGroceries Email – miligroceries@gmail.com

Facebook page – https://web.facebook.com/miligroceries/